LINE Pay is a payment system that LINE users can use at LINE Pay member stores.
There are two types of APIs: “Online API,” which lets you use LINE Pay on online stores, and “Offline API,” which lets you use LINE Pay on POS systems used in physical stores.
You can use “General Payment” with the Offline API. With the Online API, you can use “General Payment,” “LINE Checkout,” and “Automatic Payment.”

Payment method Description
General payment The most basic payment method. This API lets you use LINE Pay with your physical store's POS system.
You can use the same payment method as "General payment".

In addition, when delivering products, the service can obtain, with the consent of the end user, information such as the name, phone number, and address registered in "LINE Profile+".
Automatic payment This is a method where you select the "General payment" payment method for the first time, and future payments are made automatically.

Regardless of the payment method, end users can pay using their LINE Pay balance, credit card, bank account, or LINE Points.

End-user benefits

LINE Pay End-user benefits Smooth shopping

Smooth shopping

Using a smartphone, you can shop easily and smoothly.

At a physical store, you can simply display the code on your smartphone or scan the store code with your smartphone to complete the payment.

If you're an online member store, simply select LINE Pay as the payment method, check the delivery address, complete the order, and wait for the product to be delivered.

To learn more, see A safe and smart payment.

LINE Pay End-user benefits Free yourself from the various stresses of online shopping

Free yourself from the various stresses of online shopping

LINE Pay can be combined with the Messaging API, LIFF app, and LINE MINI App to free end users from a variety of stresses.

For example, consider the stress faced by end users who want to buy a product.

  • They have to open their browser again and go to another site to log in or register.
  • They have to manually enter their name and address.
  • They have to make sure that the site is secure and then correctly enter their credit card information.

LINE Pay is the perfect solution to free end users from these various stresses and allows them to smoothly purchase products.

Service provider benefits

LINE Pay Service provider benefits Reduce user exit rate

Reduce user exit rate

You can add the LINE Pay payment function to your LINE Official Account, LIFF app, and LINE MINI App.

You can provide end users with a smooth transition from sending sales promotion messages through the LINE Official Account, to having them select products through the LIFF app or LINE MINI App, to completing payment through LINE Pay.

By providing a smooth UX, you can expect to reduce the possibility of end users leaving the site when the screen changes or when they enter text.

LINE Pay Service provider benefits User information usage

User information usage

By supporting LINE Checkout, user information such as the name and address registered by the end user in LINE Profile+ can be used for payment with user consent.

You can expect to avoid opportunity loss due to the user having to enter information each time.

LINE Pay Service provider benefits Add the LINE Official Account as a friend at the time of payment

Add the LINE Official Account as a friend at the time of payment

When making a payment with LINE Pay, the user can add the service provider's LINE Official Account as a friend without having to perform any special actions.

You can smoothly provide your LINE Official Account as a stress-free communication channel/application with your users.


LINE Pay diagram
The LINE Pay server, the application server, and the LINE app all work together to process payments.

View the demo

You can view the demo on your smartphone by scanning the QR code to access the demo site. You can then access the LINE Pay demo site from the rich menu of the LINE Official Account.

Payment will be made from the LINE Pay balance prepared by this demo app. No actual payment method is selected or payment is made.

LINE Official Account: LINE Use Case-Pay
Image of how LINE Pay works using QR codes See details

Download sample source code

・AWS Serverless version *Coming Soon!

LINE API use cases

Smooth table orders Demo app

Smooth table orders

Bring to life a table ordering app that lets users order and pay for products at the table using their smartphones.

You don't have to call the staff or stand in line at the cash register to order, and even checkout can be completed using your own smartphone. You can also pay for each order at the time of order or when you leave the restaurant.

See details

Development use cases using LINE API

Development use cases using LINE API(SUNTORY) LINE for Business

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