Chatbot (Messaging API)

Messaging API is an API that lets you communicate with LINE users through a LINE Official Account prepared by your service.

By using the Messaging API, you can offer your own services in the LINE chat room.

End-user benefits

Chatbot (Messaging API) End-user benefits You can use the service in the familiar LINE chat room.

You can use the service in the familiar LINE chat room.

End users can use a variety of services in the familiar LINE chat room. There are more ways for end users to communicate their intentions to services than just typing in the chat room, such as sending images, location information, or using the quick reply button displayed at the bottom of the chat room.

Service provider benefits

Chatbot (Messaging API) Service provider benefits Improved response rate

Improved response rate

You can expect an improved response rate from users by devising the design of messages sent by the service, such as displaying them in carousel format or by showing recommendations with stars (★).

Chatbot (Messaging API) Service provider benefits Speedy and detailed communication

Speedy and detailed communication

You can use the Messaging API to provide detailed services for each end user.

Use the Messaging API for basic interactions that don't require operator interaction, such as pre-interviews or questionnaires, before providing full-fledged service.

Communicate with many users at the same time, much faster and more accurately than the operator.

Chatbot (Messaging API) Service provider benefits Targeted and efficient message delivery

Targeted and efficient message delivery

You can send messages at any time to end users who have added your LINE Official Account as a friend.

Depending on the target of the message, you can use push messages (one-to-one), multicast messages (one-to-many), narrowcast messages (one-to-many: narrowed delivery with complex conditions), or broadcast messages (one-to-many: all friends).

For example, you can send push messages or multicast messages to send a special message only to end users who have purchased a product.

Narrowcast messages are recommended for sending messages by age or region.


  1. ① Messages sent by end users will be delivered to the LINE platform.
  2. ② The LINE platform sends a message (webhook event) to the webhook URL of the bot server.
  3. ③ In response to webhook events, messages are sent from the bot server to the end user using the REST API provided by the LINE platform.

View the demo

You can view the demo on your smartphone by scanning the QR code to access the demo site.

Before using, please note that the demo's LINE Official Account has the ability to send your device's "location information". This information will not be stored on the server. If you do not wish to have the location information sent to you, turn off the location sharing function on your device before using the demo.

Messaging API
LINE Official Account: LINE Use Case-msg
Operation image of chatbot (Messaging API) using a QR code See details

Download sample source code

・AWS Serverless version *Coming Soon!

LINE API use cases

Make restaurant reservations using LINE Demo app

Make restaurant reservations using LINE

Implement the reservation app with the LIFF app.

Remove the need for time-consuming membership registration and app downloads, and prevent missed visits to the store with reminder notifications via Messaging API.

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Smooth table orders Demo app

Smooth table orders

Bring to life a table ordering app that lets users order and pay for products at the table using their smartphones.

You don't have to call the staff or stand in line at the cash register to order, and even checkout can be completed using your own smartphone. You can also pay for each order at the time of order or when you leave the restaurant.

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Easy-to-issue membership cards Demo app

Easy-to-issue membership cards

Implement an app to issue online membership cards without entering personal information.

Quickly issue membership cards by simply agreeing to the authorization. You can also send electronic receipts. Increase repeat customers by sending follow-up messages.

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Development use cases using LINE API

Development use cases using LINE API(L’OCCITANE JAPON K.K) LINE for Business

Approximately 1 million people linked to LINE with a digital membership card - L'Occitane's CRM marketing increased EC sales through segmented distribution

L’OCCITANE JAPON K.K(Japanese only)
Development use cases using LINE API(JINS) LINE for Business

New customer experience at JINS provided by the "Touch & Collect" contact lens vending machine

JINS(Japanese only)